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On a Hike

I took you hiking
We both agreed
I knew the way
So I ought lead

Hand in hand
As we like
We would go
On our hike

Our pacing different
Mine too fast
Made you question
How long it'd last

I moved us onward
Slowing for you
You feeling sad
For what I must do

Cursing my limbs
All I am wanting
Is matching your pace
With it not halting

I care for you love
So that you are certain
That I care for you love
Please don't draw the curtain

As we walk on
I hope to find
A pace that fits us
And eases your mind

So let us keep walking
Our hands intwined
I'll lead you onward
At our pace not mine

You know, Don’t you?

Jovially rainbows find their pattern

Delightfully they cast their brilliance

Stunningly the color strikes all it can reach

They know their beauty don’t they?

Joyfully books speak their prose

Wonderfully their wisdom pours its fragrance

Surreptitiously their word flows through us

They know their power don’t they?

Jubilee fills birds songs

Freely they dance as unstrung kites

Wishfully unbound by gravity

They know their freedom don’t they?

Majestically lions glide admits grass

Forcefully they assert their position

Peacefully lording over midday plains

They know their ferocity don’t they?

Stunningly, delightfully jovial

Joyfully, surreptitiously wonderful

Peacefully, majestically forceful

You know don’t you?

One More Thing

What time is it?
It's Late.
Is it time to say it?
Good night.
But we're both tired.
Still not.
It's Morning Now
Oh, ha...ha...
It's true.
So what do you want me to say?
Whatever you need to.
So should I say Good Morning before bed?
That's weird.
Because you hear that when you get up.
It's strange.
To you.
To everyone!
Not to me...
So is it time to say it?
Good Morning.
"And?" what?
Is there more?
Does there need to be more?
Because you say that after you get up.
That's What I said!
But I did.
Not in the same way.
This is before bed in needs to be different
So what do I say?
Sweet dreams.
Just that then?
No, both.
So Good morning and sweet dreams
Ehh, Not quite...
Good Sleep?
Good day tomorrow?
Yes, but what if I don't see you tomorrow?
Good Week?
What if I never see you?
You will
You promise?
You sure?
Then say it.
I promise.
I will see you again.
So is it time to say it?
Yes, but...
But what?
One more thing
What is it?
I miss you.
Ok. Good morning, Good Sleep, Sweet dreams, Good day, Good week, I promise I will see you again and I miss you
So what do I say?
Whatever you need to?
Funny...Oh, I know.
Ok. Whenever you go to sleep and where ever you wake know that I Love you.

Ups and Downs

 Here I sit
Week in week out
Lying to myself
About being faithful
Tomorrow I say
Is the day the LORD has made
For my time to redeem my actions
Tomorrow never comes
Still I sit

When that day comes
Its a great day
The light of which His
He shines on my life
And I feel like nothing will pull me away
How wrong I am
For when I look for tomorrow to come again
It is still tomorrow away

Again I will sit
In pain in lust in faithlessness
and I will be blind to that day
of the past that was so bright
and where life was wholly satisfying
where I was shown the love of God
and took enough to walk away again

Still sitting and waiting
I am striving for a new thirst that comes
Day in Day out
For a consistant love of God
Overflow is not what I need
I need a drain to keep me coming back
I need to love others
Help me to love you


 You think love is real

Do you lock you heart so people won’t steal

Is our future pain

Worth today’s gain

When we’ve given everything there is to give

Accepting your not getting it back is the only way we live


Can you believe

Against all odds your mind will relieve

All your brain may contrive

So that you might feel more alive

Is your thought

As torturous as you think it ought

Be so you might learn

Sadness is our hearts Yearn

For happiness

In a time we have no gladness


Does your life have meaning

Are you living for an ending

That might never come

Can you live knowing your work may be never done

Is lying

Worth telling yourself you’re not afraid of dying

Cold poor and alone

Lying in bed body and soul amoan


Are you living

Life in striving

For something beyond

So your life story to which will not be yawned

Is God central

To your life’s potential

Does your goal

Achieve the salvation of the soul

Why Try.

 I find myself in a place
Everything points to an inevitable
Bitter lack of grace
Signs show Im not capable

This game is cruel
In good intentions
To create a great dual
From good individuals

Connection a near miss
As life might live
Sweet as cactus kiss
Stuck by communications shiv

I move on and through
What is said what is seen
Can't let thoughts brew
Or pretend to be keen

Utterly false
If we feel pulse 

I find myself in a place
Actions predetermined
I have no ace
I will be sermoned

Guilt in Happiness

It is a burden one can bare

But only for short a time

Cumbersome and heavy

It drags the soul in darkest grime

That leaves one beaten and broken

All this, in another’s mis-reality

A reality of bright suns and green grasses

Of long days of content and joy

No storms and no destruction

That is surrounded and penetrated

By an under-foot fault line

Personal fault personal line


 To say and feel in the same

Is truth in life’s great game

When the game goes awry

Life begs to look to sky

The great ocean

Of not but motion

For ones life

To lessen strife

In its entropy

We find stability

In our ever shifting

Never more drifting


The moon rises full
To start the cycle anew
Waning, New, Waxing

The sun rises
To start the day again
Morning, Noon, Evening

The flowers blossom
To make the world beautiful
Budding, Bloom, Wilting

just waiting

I'm just waiting for my life to turn itself around
I'm just waiting for what ever is next
I'm just waiting until the day comes
I'm just waiting for life to move on
I'm just waiting for someone to make a move
I'm just waiting for God to knock on my door
I'm just waiting to find myself
I'm just waiting to be a better person
I'm just waiting for rules to apply
I'm just waiting to do something
I'm just waiting for meaning
I'm just waiting for love
I'm just waiting for the simple solution
I'm just waiting for decisions to decide themselves
I'm just waiting for reality to set in
I'm just waiting to serve
I'm just waiting to be the man I want to be
I'm just waiting I'm not acting
I'm just waiting and I am sick of it
I'm just waiting, to stop waiting


freund, eric

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