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While I have Time

I look for something that I know won't be there
I look for someone I've never met
I look waiting to find some comfort in that its still there
I look for something I've never really seen

Bright are the eyes
Bright are the children
Bright are the stars
Bright are the hearts

There is nothing that I have seen truthfully
There is no-one that I have known as well as I should
There is now and that is the only comfort
There is nothing that I've really seen

Old is the year
Old is the story
Old is the idea
Old is the feeling

I have not needed something more
I have not had but I have wanted
I have wasted time the time we have now is precious
I have looked and hopelessly continued

New is the day
New is the hour
New is the need
New is the hope

The sun has rose, petals as the outline
The beauty is seen and admired
The reality is that there is reality
The life will be lived regardless

Relentless is sin
Relentless is frailty
Relentless is death
Relentless is LOVE

Lost and Found

You think you see
The true person of another
You thought you saw
The identity of another
The next layer towards the core
Is all you found

You think you know
How everyone feels
You thought you knew
How it was going
Real life
Is lost on you

Why We Pretend

Life as we view it
Is not based on our view
Rather how we think
Others view us
We might call ourselves
Individual however we
Can only be how we think
Other people see us

Its not because its forced
But because of who we are
We are who we think we are
And we think we are based
On how we think
Others think of us
So why do we pretend
To be what we think
We want to be, unique

We pretend because
We think others want
To see us pretending
To see our self-blindness
And its true
No one can honestly believe
That they are a compliement
Of everything they do
Of everyone they meet

The only thing different
About any two people
Is the pieces they are made of
This is no problem for we share
We share who we are with others
But the pieces that we think we have
Are really created for the purpose
That is giving someone else a piece

So why do we pretend
So that we might have
That we might be
More colorful
A compilement
Than anyone else
Than anyone will be
Truly unique

the eye

The moment
Paralyzed in time
Memories in physical
That can be lost
That have been lost

Paint for the canvas
Trapped in darkness
To scrutiny
To objectivity
For now

To life
Lifeless in
Stability in
A metallic
A Cruel

Is framed
For all
Soul exposed
Soul judged
By appearance

By some
Harshly Criticized
By thoughtless
People in physical
People in tangible
Without the eye


Love is defined by those without
of that we can be certain
of that we can have no doubt
love is defined by those without

Friends seen because of foes
seldom does everyone belong
seldom do we all get along
friends are friends because foes are foes

Infinity is seen because we have end
it is a distance not all understand
for we see 100 years and we turn the bend
infinity is infinity by gods command
and we can't understand

Death is the absence of life
for we know life and its joy and pain
however we know not death for we feel it not
life is the basis for which death exists

Together is known by alone
alone is the meter by which
we judge our togetherness
alone makes unity what it is

Love is defined by those without
of that we can be certain
of that we can have no doubt
love is defined by those without

who am I

I like to say I'm helpful
whether its because I like to be helpful
or because I like to say it 
I don't know but I'm told I am

I like to climb
whether I like the personal challenge
or I like to show off
I don't know but I'm obsessed

I like music
whether its because I fit in there
or because I really love it
I don't know but I live in it

I like people
whether its because there are always new ones to meet
or because if I mess up there is always another one
I don't know but I surround my self with the like

I like soccer
whether its because I enjoy the game
or because i used to and now expect to
I don't know but I know its good easy fun

I believe in god
whether its because its all ive known
or because I have an actual steadfast knowledge
I don't know but I know I'm right

I know why I like these things
I can define myself with them
and they define me
so who am I
I don't know but I'd like to

holiday season...

Do we give to give
or give to receive
is giving a given
this hoilday season

Do we visit to leave
or visit to return
where is home
this holiday season

Is family our friends
or are friends our family
is there a difference
this holiday season

Do we believe what we celebrate
or we celebrate what we believe
Are we hypocrites
this holiday season

Are we generous for all seasons
or are we seasonally generous
we should notice
this holiday season

Do we love the season
or the people we spend it with
I hope its both
this holiday season


A merry pure bliss
Blinding scilence in stillness
Wherein angels lie


Wars are waged

By violent breath of Nature

Banners will fall

Gilded banners, Blood banners

They will Rust

As they lay forgotten

To be covered

By peace and silence


A cold cruel peace follows

Emotions hide themselves

From the bitter Silence

The deafening Peace

That whips and scorns

The face that in defiance is shown

The man behind

Waits patiently for

New life and understanding


Love blossoms and flourishes

Age old rancorousness

The fallen are uncovered

And mourned anew

For the brevity of passing thought

New life and Joy come

Hand in hand they walk

Towards an evil lust


The heat of lust

Burns and Scalds

The beauty of new life

And tempts love

Into obessison

As new life is driven away

Envy chills the heat

To hatred and malice

And the will for war afresh

Is born


the line

The line
I've heard
Has Finally
Greater Meaning
Real or not
It is a
Of shattered word


eric, freund

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